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Have I ever mentioned that Comcast is the devil’s own internet service? It doesn’t work well anywhere on earth that I know of and there’s certainly nothing heavenly about it, so I can only conclude that it comes from below and probably should go back there.

With that said, here’s a little something that might interest the descendents of Mary Dolbiar, wife of Jonathan Gillett of early Windsor, CT. Mary was the daughter of Rawkey Dolbiar of Colyton, Devonshire. Back in 1563, Mary’s grandfather, Robert Dolbiar, married Agnes Sampson. Agnes was reportedly the daughter of Nicholas Sampson of Hawkchurch, a small, out-of-the-way village in Devonshire, and these are photos of its parish church taken in 2016.  Although the church was closed when we were there late one afternoon, a charming elderly lady who lived just across the road happened to be the keeper of the keys.  Seeing us in the churchyard taking photos, she inquired if we would like to go inside the church and kindly fetched the key so we could have a look around.